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Why focusing on gender?

- Women's empowerment and gender equality is at the top of world agendas, as gender inequality is widespread in all cultures (World Survey on the Role of Women In Development, UN 2019).

- Although gender disparity is higher in developing countries, compared to the developed countries (Ahmed et al., 2001), in the EU women are still a long way off achieving full economic independence, with higher unemployment and under employment rates (EU Equality Report, 2018).

- Youth and women are crucial target groups for the development of the 2030 Agenda, and countries and organisations are invited to involve them in their actions, specifically in grassroots initiatives (World Youth Report, 2015).

- Young women suffer from particularly challenging set of educational barriers, due to cultural, political, social reasons that leave them out of education or job market: nearly 14% of world’s young women are unemployed (UNESCO, 2016) and are considered globally as a vulnerable youth category, having limited knowledge of their civic and political rights, including the capacity to express their political and social views (UN Interpeace).


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“When they have the opportunity and the skills to do it, Women take the lead of the social change.”
UN Womenwatch Organization


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