Stati Generali Dell'Innovazione

Stati Generali dell’Innovazione (SGI) is a not-for-profit association established in 2011 with the goal of facilitating a shared perspective for innovation policies in Italy. It aims at: - representing a benchmark for anyone involved in “innovation” at large, beyond the different meaning one could attribute to the term – not necessarily technologically speaking, although the digital transformation is permeating substantially all of sectors of our day to day living, as well as to promote synergistic approach of individual initiatives.
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Invasioni Digitali

Invasioni Digitali was born in 2013 with the aim of promoting and valorising the cultural heritage of a Country through Digital transformation and innovation. Since the beginning, every year, we’ve organized “digital invasions” in Europe, America, Australia, South America, with a bottom up approach to let people storytell the beauty of their coutries by “invading” them and storytell the experience on the web and social network. Since then, 50000 people were involved and nearly 2000 places invaded. Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) is not only the event that takes place every year but also training, counseling and coaching for digital cultural organizations. People’s engagement is not measured only with digital: we believe that an effective strategy lies in the integration between online and offline. Only in this way it is possible to obtain the best possible experience, both for visitors and for those who manage, care, support, finance a project or a cultural object.
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EDUPLIUS is an NGO established in 2016. The need of establishing such an organisation came from a desire to create stronger connections between young people and the world of enterprises by equipping young people with necessary competences for taking a lead and planning and running own initiatives. NGO involves experienced staff who has been working in youth field for many years and collected necessary skills and knowledge to run non formal activities. Main activities: local and international initiatives (seminars/workshops, youth exchanges, training courses). We believe that the non-formal learning is the most accurate way in developing the personality as it has ability not only to touch the mind and emotions, but also bring the joy to the learning process, making it comfortable and safe. By using interactive methods, which are based on experiential learning, we create the possibility for a person to feel self-confidence in achieving own goal. We a team of professionals which is ready to share own experience and inspire others for changes.
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The Corporación para el Desarrollo Regional (Corporation for Regional Development- CDR)

is a non-profit civil society organization, which emerged in 2003 with the purpose of promoting local initiatives that respect human rights and encourage: Community organization, social participation and Community policy, peaceful coexistence, local development and the construction of a culture of peace.
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EurIndia Connection

EurIndia connection is committed to improve the situation of vulnerable woman, girls (and boys), by enabling them to empower themselves, to strengthen their self-esteem, realize their talents and thus gaining a full place in society. Economic situation and socio-cultural background are often high barriers to developing talents of woman and girls. At the heart of our approach is the universal right to education and a sustainable life: the key to breaking the vicious circle of harrowing poverty, developmental delays and underpaid or unemployment. Our mission is to develop empowerment programmes, qualified education and job matching. It is our wish to guide and train women to have more self-esteem and become professionals with practical experience for a profession with good prospects on the labour market. We collaborate with Indian women groups, NGO’s, schools, universities and companies. We mobilize communities to make better use of Anganwadis (public centres for health, nutrition and early learning initiatives) in rural areas. We guide 1000 woman and girls yearly. It is our aim to give talented woman a place in our own organisation, like 3 of our actual staff members.
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A civil Iraqi center, with an independent legal personality, seeks to fulfill its objectives, as written in its bylaws. The center's headquarters is in Baghdad.
1. Facilitates access to information for society members.
2. Raise the constitutional and legal awareness for society members, and urge them to practice their right of expression and the right of access to information.
3. Consolidate the principle of transparency in society.
4. The contribution in building a community culture that accepts the concept of polling and field studies, and encourage positive participation.
5. Activate the role of general poll to support decision making, and accomplish overall development.
6. Pay attention to youth of both genders, develop their intellectual abilities and community effectiveness.
7. Achieving equality between women and men. Ending all forms of violence against women
8. Establish more communication between the citizens and the government.
9. The contribution in distributing the electoral culture in the community, and observe the electoral process as a fundamental cornerstone in society.
10. Consolidate the principle of political and socio democracy, and introduce the principles of human rights and social justice.
11. Spreading environmental culture. And the promotion of the environmental rights of Iraqis
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